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What role do children play in car crashes?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Car accidents

There are all kinds of hazards out there on the road, but many people don’t realize that they bring a lot of their safety hazards with them when they get into their vehicles. Phones, coffee cups, snacks and more can turn into distractions when someone’s behind the wheel.

Parents, in particular, are in a bad spot: They have to take their children with them, at times, and children can be both uniquely dangerous — and prone to danger — in a vehicle.

Children can distract drivers

When you were a child, your parents probably discouraged you from making faces at other drivers through the back window of the family car because it could distract other drivers. The real distraction was to your parents. When parents check what their child is doing, they are not concentrating on the road around them. 

Children are particularly vulnerable in car crashes

Small children have a remarkable ability to recover when they fall off their bicycle or trip while running. The same does not apply to car crashes. The forces involved are much greater and might be too much for a small body to withstand. Children are more susceptible to severe injury or death in a car crash than all but elderly adults.

Child seats help keep children and adults safe

A child seat or booster seat of the correct size for your child is essential. It helps protect them in the event of a crash. The standard seat belts fitted in cars do not provide the protection children need. They do not fit small bodies well enough.

Child seats limit children’s ability to distract you and others. A child strapped into a chair cannot turn around and make faces at other drivers. A child secured in a car seat cannot reach across to hit their sister, who is strapped into their seat on the far side. The fewer distractions that children cause to drivers, the safer for all concerned.

When accidents do happen and someone is injured, it’s important to get experienced representation on your side. An attorney can help protect your interests.