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What causes a car crash?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Car accidents

If someone crashes into you while driving, it is essential to discover why the crash happened. Sometimes the cause is apparent, yet, other times you need to think laterally. 

Mechanical failure can cause a vehicle to crash into you. When the other driver says they do not know what happened, they might be telling the truth.  Motor vehicles have a lot of moving parts that can break, wear out or seize. That is why manufacturers issue strict service schedules with additional maintenance requirements at certain key intervals. Yet people often carry out only the basics, such as checking the tires and topping up the oil. Overlooking a joint greasing required once every 50,000 miles could have disastrous consequences. 

Road conditions can also contribute to accidents. There can be unexpected hazards in the road such as potholes that cause a driver to swerve at the last moment. Yet, the driver should still check it is safe to swerve before doing so. Bad weather can also add danger to road surfaces, such as a patch of pooled water or black ice. Yet, drivers should anticipate these risks and adapt to the conditions. For example, if a thunderstorm just passed, you can expect pooled water. If there is frost on the trees, you can expect black ice on patches in the shade. 

Drivers cause most crashes  

If a driver is speeding, drunk, distracted, or driving dangerously, it is easy to show they caused a crash. Yet, it can be more challenging when mechanical failure or road conditions played a role. However, drivers have a duty to ensure their car is safe to drive and drive appropriately for the conditions. There are few genuine “accidents.” Most car crashes are due to some form of negligence: Finding it and proving it will be vital to claiming the compensation you need.